nala ador

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my small jewelry and accessories shop. First, starting off a lifestyle blog where I posted about accessories, reviews, creative writing and art.

Now my blog has expanded to this small shop, which I am so excited about. I think that jewelry is a form of self expression and a simple way to transform an outfit. It can make a casual ensemble look much more put together, or take an elegant outfit and elevate it to a more glamorous level. Either way, earrings and accessories can give you a boost of confidence that in my book, is always welcome.  

My shop features an eclectic mix of jewelry and other accessories handmade by NALA ADOR and other talented artisans. My vision is to be able to offer quality and unique pieces all the while being able to support the work of other artisans around the world.

 I hope you find something beautiful to add to your collections. If any questions should arise, please contact us! Thank you for shopping with us.

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